Fairies spin the yarn and pipers lead the children

Having inherited the monarchy from Christian Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Vilhelm of Glücksborg – the ‘ruling élite’ of Disney~Land has no intention of surrendering any of their power to the people.

A likely member in the next government equated his opposition to the new constitutional draft with the war on communism. Even in the land of ‘hope and change’ they have long since replaced that -ism with another.

However, the aversion towards Europe (and anything foreign) is because of their continued interference in internal affairs.  – Politically connected wealth is obviously a problem we don’t have.

Networks of Power
OSCE – “structural imbalances in weight of the vote” (pdf)
GRECO – “Regarding members of parliament” (pdf)
Verfassungsexperiment ist so gut wie gescheitert

Stockholm syndrome  (traumatic bonding)
The “war of the lists,” (we never got to see)
Offshore secrets  (Is there still hope?)
Secrecy for Sale: Inside the Global Offshore Money Maze 

TheICIJ ~ YouTube
List of depreciation to companies in the wake of the economic collapse 2008 (is)
Kissinger Cables (jan 2009)

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