The merger of state and corporate power

us-eu-flag-300x194Scoundrels come wrapped in a flag

Average EU turnout: 61.99 > 58.98 > 58.41 > 56.67 > 49.51 > 45.47 > 43 > (39,84)  Q.E.D. Crimea’s 81.3 turnout is therefore obviously illegal.

By the way, heard of any referendums on issues in NATO or its overlord the EU / TTIP?

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Tackling High Inequalities
Shadow Operatives

“-  ‘Investor State Dispute Settlement’ (ISDS) in TTIP will allow transnational corporations to sue governments for any loss of future profits resulting from any government action, such as the introduction of new laws to protect the public or the environment.”

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Give and take in the EU-US trade deal? Sure. We give, the corporations take
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One doesn’t exclude the other
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