Understanding our very own

Same ideologues, now turned ‘purists’, convinced of a different outcome.
– Give me a break.
“Without delay” maybe someday
“Live broadcast” ‘enhanced’ tape-delay
“Not privatization” cronyism
“Impossibility” nuisance
“Unimplementable” irritating
“Integrity” broken campaign promises
“Safeguards” broken campaign promises
“Reasoned discussion” shut the fuck up
“Speculations” the government budget
“Campaign promises” speculations
“Immediately” never
“Simple” impossible
“National Consensus” the will of the minister
“Nature reserves” more Power Plants
“Restructuring” cutbacks
“Solidarity” obedience
“Safeguarded” abolished
“Untraditional” the MP is lying
“Thinking aloud” the MP is lying
“Money in the Post” more comities & no fulfillment

Adapted from Jonas.is

Repeat after me:

“Redundancies reasonable and necessary”
– today it is Public broadcasting – to morrow it will be …

“The era of manufacturing consent has given way to the era of manufacturing news. Soon media newsrooms will drop the pretence, and start hiring theatre directors instead of journalists.” ~ Arundhati Roy

Now that we have one, – we can continue to enjoy the regurgitated BS they call news.

Even our FM took cookies to Kiev à la Nuland, – not doing to well at home?

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