Financialised, corporatised, militarised, secretised, and propagandised, – but definitely democratic?

“In these several hundred wars against Communism, terrorism, drugs, or sometimes nothing much, between Pearl Harbor and Tuesday, September 11, 2001, we tended to strike the first blow. But then we’re the good guys, right? Right.” ~ Gore Vidal

“Still to this day, speeches of the leaders of United States begin by repeating unconditional support for Israel and reaffirming the right of the state to defend itself. – Never dos anyone mention the right of Palestine to defend it self” ~ Sveinn Runar Hauksson

Chris Gunness, UNRWA spokesman said it all.

Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace
The Moral Failure Of The West
Farah Baker(16)

The General’s Son
Abby Martin ~ Avner Gvaryahu
Sophie Shevarnadze ~ Jody Williams
Afshin Rattansi ~ John Pilger
Media Control

“In this country too, policy is insulated from politics. People can have their opinions; they can even vote if they like. But policy goes on its merry way, determined by other forces.” ~ How the World Works

Flat Earth News
Celente Isn’t Buying It …
A Citizens Guide to Understanding
Corporate Media Propaganda Techniques

No wonder the Murdoch(s) are %-(

Dispatches (2009)
Cash, Weapons … (2014)
End the Occupation
Nightmare in Gaza

The War Campaign
The Last Letter
Cynthia McKinney

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