The Crime That Wasn’t

Justices of the Supreme Court have decided on the fate of the Constitutional Assembly. What’s good enough for England, Germany and France, is useless on this bedrock of justice. Of course such Excellencies are wasted on farmers and fishermen and should be offered as legal-aid to these wretched countries.
Alas! in winter, dead and dark, we tried to teach them Excellence in banking to no avail.

In a failed state, it would be remarkable if one of it’s institutions had somehow existed in a pristine state, unaffected from all the rest. After two years of revelations of incompetence, corruption and criminality, it’s at best sad to see sanctimonious cliché’s about courts and judges, when it is one of the affected institutions.

The “party” has ruled the Justice Ministry for the best part of it’s history and appointed all but one of the Supreme Court Judges. In this current case the court has humiliated it self by acting as an extension to party headquarters. Justices pledging allegiance to the Inner Circle on national television is singular.

To change institutions in a society will take more than a demonstration or two, and the burning of a Christmas tree.

It is vitally important to refer this case to the The European Court of Human Rights so that “entities” of whatever nomination can’t just “unplug” the democratic process. – That form of government is Tyranny – and I will be seeking asylum in England, Germany and France.

Thomas Jefferson was well aware that ‘powers’ tend to forget the origin of their transferred powers when he said, “Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people”.

From the Blogosphere:
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The only thing wrong with the election was the Court’s Interference.
(YouTube: needs text)
New and Improved Natural Resources Colonialism.
(YouTube: needs text)

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