Month: May 2014

Election day


The results are in for Happy-Town:

  • 41% No representation necessary

In a country where people are automatically registered to vote – and do not lose this right for any reason – this takes some explaining.

Show Some Respect!

Tools of the trade (tradesmen & who pays them?):

The “Propaganda model” and it’s components: Agenda Setting, Predetermine, Select, Shape, Control and Restrict by: Selection of Topics, Distribution of Concerns, Emphasis, Framing of Issues, Filtering of Information and Bounding of Debate.

Taking the Risk Out of Democracy

The One Satire Solution


@ Home:

In the Shadow of the Sun King – The new bestseller about how guilt and power never met.

Selling a bank for a hospital is nice. – Wait! what? We already sold the Telecom company for just that. Well at least we didn’t sell the Royal Mail.

 Home is Best (is) ~ “All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.”

Some 20 years ago, Sagan worried about: 95% being ‘scientifically illiterate’,  10 seconds sound bites representing ‘substantive’ media content, and Dumb and Dumber being the number one video. We, however,  in the run up-to the local-elections and our brush with Big-Pharma, might add illiteracy about increasingly sophisticated persuasion technologies.

The Fine Art of Baloney Detection

Perception management


A new ‘farming’ season has just started. Well crafted public relationship exercise, with all the usual ingredients, from sweet words to celebrities and nationality.

No mention of private profits, or dangers of exploiting personal information.
No Place to Hide and ‘Secrets‘ expose the myth of secure data.

Endorsement from captured ‘bodies’ does little to support informed opinion, – when a ‘label’ and a ‘flag’ is used to hide the actual owners.  2011/12 Amagen acquires deCODE for $415 million (from Chapter 11 Furniture Sales?).

The guardians of public interest also forgot to mention, that, in 2012 Amgen paid $762 million after pleading guilty to criminal charges of improper promotion and sale of misbranded drugs.

in a minuscule country we have little use for revolving doors, classmates and bridge partners suffice.

And who are the masters of disguise? – The Snakes in Suits. Those parading under the Mask of Sanity. Their Character traits are well known.- But how do we protect our self?

What about the ‘consent’ media, – why are they calling what they do ‘churnalism‘?
Liz Hayes? – Anyone?

Is this inability to learn and tendency to line up to be pruned a subject worthy of a paired study with e.g. Nulandistan?

By the way,  there is no need for  amateur  postmen, except of course to foster  “aggressive narcissism”.

The Five Ws:

  • Who?    deCODE genetics is a subsidiary of Amgen
  • What?   Collection of 100,000 ‘missing’ DNA samples and Signed Open-ended Agreements
  • Where? Iceland
  • When?  Now and for future use
  • Why?   .– …. .- – .—-. … / – …. . / …. ..- .-. .-. -.– ..–..

Perception management
Propaganda by Edward Bernays
Search and Rescue for Social influence
The Mask of Sanity

Big Parma: What?, Who? Amgen?
Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher
Pill Pushers
Is your Doctor for Sale?

Nothing to Hide
SophieCo / Eric KingPrivacy International
Ethics in Science and Medicine
Decoding broken promises

Manufacturing Consent 25 Years Later

At long last,  – a response to the blitzkrieg:
Contrary to practices in a mature democratic society (is)
Scientific rationality, uncertainty and the governance of human genetics

We have TWO (2) News media actually doing journalism (my bad):
Abused the rights of thousands of Icelanders (.is)
Same 100,000 they are after now? – Grounds for  Class action lawsuit?
kjarninn (.pdf .is) pointed to conflicting information about what Amgen actually bought, and  NextCODE   (a spin-out),  also tells a different story. –  More on the Synonym.

Our leaky vessel (sic)

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